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The speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives visited the school to talk about the EITC program, which promotes donations to Jewish day schools
Pennsylvania should be out of the sale of wine and spirits. Here's another step toward that rational reality.
President Donald Trump outlined key priorities during his first address to a joint session of Congress, which focused heavily on jobs, energy, manufacturing, pipeline infrastructure and competitive trade. As the president made clear, private-sector job creation and economic growth are fostered when government encourages investment, innovation and free enterprise.
As the General Assembly begins another budget season, it's time to admit that Pennsylvania needs to overhaul state government.
Pennsylvania’s Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) is passionate about giving parents and grandparents real options for their children’s education.
As the general assembly begins another budget season, it's time to admit that Pennsylvania needs to overhaul state government.
From The Philadelphia Inquirer A more than $13 billion increase in state taxes over two years: That's what Gov. Wolf demanded of Pennsylvania families and businesses almost a year ago. His budget proposal would have increased the state income tax by 21 percent and the sales tax by 10 percent, while expanding the latter to include day care, senior care, and financial and legal services.
From Philadelphia City and Press Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, speaks Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa. Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Turzai says he is “very disappointed” that the Philadelphia School Reform Commission voted Wednesday night to approve only five of 39 new charter school ... More on Philadelphia Magazine.
From Lancaster Online A vote in the state House is expected by month’s end on a proposal that would privatize Pennsylvania’s more than 600 wine and spirits stores — including 18 in Lancaster County.
From newsworks One of Pennsylvania's most powerful state lawmakers says the actions of Philadelphia City Council may put additional funding in jeopardy for the cash-strapped city school district.
From pennlive.com Gov. Tom Wolf laid out three simple goals in his inaugural address on Tuesday of what he hoped to accomplish.
From pennlive.com NEW YORK _ The parties and receptions of this year's annual Pennsylvania Society gala might have provided them some respite, but for Keystone revelers who flocked to Midtown Manhattan this weekend, the hangover of pension reform was just a train ride away.
From observer-reporter.com Turzai, elected speaker of the House Wednesday, sharpened his elocutionary skills as the keynote speaker at Consol Energy Inc.’s semiannual Core Values Summit. He addressed an audience of about 200 vendors who serve Consol in the natural gas and coal industries, then met separately with the media.
From TribLive The next state House speaker won't consider more taxes on Pennsylvania natural gas drilling until fellow lawmakers take another look at his plan to privatize liquor stores.