Turzai Honors Local Entrepreneur for Environmental Safe Practices

House Republican Whip Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) presented local entrepreneur Jerry Feldman with a House of Representatives citation for his dedication to statewide water conservation.  Feldman, along with his son Mark, was recently awarded the 2010 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for implementing water conservation measures at his three car wash locations. 

“Jerry’s hard work and leadership have highlighted the importance of water conservation across all industries and to the general public,” Turzai said.  “He has led by example, becoming an advocate and industry model in the area of water conservation and water planning.  It’s a privilege to present Jerry with a House citation for his dedication to protecting and conserving our water resources.”  

Feldman, owner of Jerry’s Car Wash and Northway Car Wash, has been in the car wash business in Allegheny and Butler counties for the past 25 years.  From 2002 to 2004, Feldman worked to reduce the amount of water consumption at his car washes, without sacrificing the quality of the work.  To cut down on water consumption, Feldman initiated several changes to the process his companies use to wash cars.  The methods he used to achieve a reduction in consumption include:  1.) Use of properly sized nozzles; 2.) Continual service and periodical replacement of stainless steel nozzles to obtain maximum efficiency; 3.) Immediate repair of leaks; 4.) Shut off of hoses not in use; 5.) Utilization of high-pressure delivery systems where savings can be obtained; 6.) Attention to soap and other application utilization; 7.)  Employment of air foaming devices for certain applications; and 8.) Use of computer synchronization to activate equipment at precisely the right time.  By enacting theses changes, he was able to reduce water consumption at his car washes by 60 percent.   

Feldman estimates that his car washes use 40 less gallons of water per car when compared to traditional, non-conservation, commercial car washing methods.  His conservation efforts have led to an approximate monthly savings of 500,000 gallons of water and an annual savings of 6 million gallons of water. 

His car washes have consistently won awards for customer satisfaction.   

Feldman has also served on the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Car Wash Association, the Pennsylvania Statewide Water Resources Committee and the Ohio River Basin Regional Water Resources Committee.  He currently serves as the chair of the committee formed to guide the development of the Pennsylvania Water Resources Technical Assistance Center. 

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28th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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