Turzai Says Rendell's Proposed Budget Agreement Will Drive Doctors Out of Pennsylvania
Rep. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) released the following statement regarding the raiding of the Mcare Fund balance as currently proposed under Gov. Ed Rendell’s proposed budget agreement:

“The current budget proposal will negatively affect Pennsylvania’s health care providers by raiding the Mcare Fund balance. This balance only exists because Pennsylvania’s doctors were over-assessed during 2009 and prior years. These are insurance premium dollars that physicians and hospitals paid out of their own pockets; it is a breach of faith for the state to use these dollars to balance the state budget. This money should be used to lower assessment costs for physicians instead of being used to balance the state’s long overdue budget.

“Pennsylvania physicians already pay some of the highest liability insurance costs in the nation. Not only does this budget agreement not do anything to mitigate that problem, but it essentially places an additional tax on the backs of Pennsylvania’s doctors to balance the budget. As malpractice insurance costs continue to rise, more physicians will be forced to leave the state to practice elsewhere.

“Throughout this budget process, our caucus has supported a responsible spending plan that reduces overall spending, does not raise taxes and leaves the Mcare Fund intact. The House Republican budget proposal prioritizes state spending by placing an emphasis on education, hospitals and law enforcement; eliminates wasteful government programs; reduces overall spending by close to a billion dollars; and does not raise taxes.

“In order to keep doctors in the Commonwealth and continue to provide quality health care, we need to ensure that they can afford to practice in Pennsylvania.”

Mcare was created by Act 13 of 2002 to help physicians cover their medical liability insurance premiums.
Rep. Mike Turzai
28th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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