Speaker Turzai Applauds Shell Appalachia’s Decision to Invest in PA - Act 85 of 2012 is deal-sealing, pro-growth, pro-jobs legislation
HARRISBURG – Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) issued the following statement today in response to Shell Chemical Appalachia’s decision to build a major petrochemical complex, comprising an ethylene cracker with polyethylene derivatives unit, near Pittsburgh in Potter Township, Beaver County.

“We have consistently said that the focus on developing natural gas should be on usage in our state,” said Turzai. “We applaud Shell for its decision to build in Beaver County, and we are very pleased that Act 85 of 2012 has led to this final development.”

Act 85 of 2012, known as the Pennsylvania Resource Manufacturing Tax Credit (PRM), which creates tax credits starting in 2017 for any manufacturer purchasing natural gas containing ethane as a petrochemical feedstock at a facility within the Commonwealth.

“We have needed a pro-growth energy policy in Pennsylvania – one that brings family-sustaining jobs to our Commonwealth, affordable energy prices for our consumers and a real opportunity to bring energy independence to our nation,” said Turzai.

The project is slated to employ 6,000 construction workers involved in building the facility and 600 permanent, family-sustaining jobs.

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