Turzai's Open Records Amendment Passes House Unanimously
An amendment offered by Rep. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) today to Senate Bill 1, the open records bill, was unanimously passed by the House.
“As we have seen, possible conflicts exist when a public official or his or her spouse is somehow involved with a state contract,” Turzai said. “The public deserves to know if any such contracts exist.”
Turzai’s legislation requires the disclosure of any contract between an elected public official or his/her spouse and the state or any state agency. It further requires disclosure of such a contract between any partnership and state/state agency if any elected/public official or spouse is a partner; between any corporation and state/state agency if the elected/public official or their spouse is an officer of, a director of, and/or has an ownership interest of 5 percent or greater in that corporation; and between any association and state/state agency if elected/public official is an officer of such an association.
Senate Bill 1 provides for greater public access to public records, legislative records and financial records of state agencies.
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