Wine and Liquor Privatization Plan Unveiled
HARRISBURG – Standing with Pennsylvania residents, legislators and Gov. Tom Corbett, House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny County) announced that the House Liquor Control Committee will work on legislation to privatize the sale of wine and liquor in Pennsylvania, eliminating the 75-year-old state monopoly on liquor sales by auctioning retail licenses to the private sector to provide consumer choice and convenience. 

“It’s time Pennsylvania moves into the 21st century and replaces the self-protecting monopolistic bureaucracy of the state stores with free enterprise and effective oversight,” Turzai said. “Under the direction of Chairman John Taylor, the House Liquor Control Committee will build upon the framework offered by the governor to give Pennsylvanians the opportunity for customer convenience by breaking away from the antiquated monopoly that is the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  This plan will help transition us to what every state around us has: the ability to buy wine and spirits and beer in more convenient locations.” 

The governor’s plan includes auctioning 1,200 retail wine and liquor sale licenses, and allowing existing retailers, including grocers, big box stores and beer distributors, to bid for licenses.  

Pennsylvania remains one of only two states in the nation (the other being Utah) with full government control over wine and liquor sales.  The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board controls promotion and sales of wine and spirits, as well as the regulation and enforcement of Pennsylvania liquor laws. Thirty states have never been involved in the sale of alcohol.

Representative Mike Turzai
28th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Stephen Miskin
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