Bill to Reduce the Size of Legislature Readies for House Vote
HARRISBURG – Taking the lead in reducing the size and cost of state government, House Republicans today advanced legislation to reduce the size of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to 153 members, from the current 203 members House today, Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny County) announced.
The bill, House Bill 153, co-sponsored by Turzai, passed the House State Government Committee by a vote of 16-8 and had its first of three considerations by the full House today.

“We are about reducing the size of government, and the Legislature should not be excluded,” Turzai said. “We plan on scheduling a vote by the full House soon after the governor’s budget address.”

With 203 members, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is the second largest, and second most expensive legislature in the country.

To change the size of the Legislature requires an amendment to the state Constitution, which means the same bill must be debated and passed in two consecutive sessions, and subsequently approved by referendum vote of the people of Pennsylvania.

State Representative Mike Turzai
28th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Stephen Miskin
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