Turzai, Mustio Legislation Ending Port Authority Monopoly in Allegheny County Passes the House

Today the state House of Representatives passed legislation to allow for transit competition within Allegheny County, Reps. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) and Mark Mustio (R-Allegheny) said.  The legislation, House Bill 10, will permit private companies or other regional transit systems to be able to deliver transit services within the county by eliminating bureaucratic red tape. 

“This legislation is about transit competition,” Turzai said.  “The Port Authority will continue to exist.  Transit competition will promote greater efficiency and provide more options for county residents.  To best serve Allegheny County, we need to end the transit monopoly.  It is that simple.” 

“With rising gasoline prices, we need to ensure that people have as many mass transit options as possible,” Mustio said.  “This legislation allows for outside private companies and regional transit systems to fill the void that has occurred due to the Port Authority’s route cuts.” 

This legislation does not privatize the Port Authority of Allegheny County; rather, it promotes competition by enabling additional transit systems to operate within the county as well.  Under current state law, the Port Authority of Allegheny County has the exclusive transit rights within the county. 

House Bill 10 promotes competition by transferring regulation of private companies and other regional transit systems to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).  Once approved by the PUC, these transit agencies can operate within the county without having to go through the additional costs and time delay of waiting for additional permission from the Port Authority.   

The PUC currently regulates mass transit in every county but Allegheny County. 

Both the PUC and the Port Authority assisted in the drafting of this legislation. 

The legislation passed by a bipartisan vote of 116 to 81. 

State Representative Mike Turzai
28th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
State Representative Mark Mustio
44th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Tricia Graham
RepTurzai.com or RepMustio.com

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