May. 02, 2019

BRADDOCK, PA – During an event at Mon Valley Works, Edgar Thomson Plant, House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) applauded United States Steel Corporation for its investment of more than $1 billion to construct a state-of-the-art endless casting line at the facility.

This technology will be the first of its kind deployed in the United States. The casting facility will convert liquid steel to a fully processed hot band coil, within minutes, over a span of roughly 600-700 feet. The new technology is also a significant overall environmental upgrade for the Mon Valley Works.

“This is so exciting and so good for our economy in the Mon Valley,” Turzai said. “The project represents the future of steelmaking and fits perfectly with Pittsburgh’s advanced manufacturing economy.”

The new technology will allow the Mon Valley Works to produce the advanced high strength steels used by auto manufacturers to meet federal standards for fuel efficiency through light weighting. Moreover, it also could produce high-quality light gauge product well beyond the capability of its current assets.

U.S. Steel employs about 4,000 people in Pennsylvania. The company’s Mon Valley Works -- a fully integrated steel mill located in Allegheny County -- employs 3,000 hard-working men and women whose jobs support an additional 10,500 jobs throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

“The impact goes beyond employment. Last year, the Mon Valley Works generated $4.6 billion in economic output throughout the region, roughly half of which is generated directly by these operations,” Turzai said.

Annually, $1.6 billion is contributed to the gross regional product by U.S. Steel’s Mon Valley Works – directly, indirectly and through the spending of its workforce. In the broader context, this one integrated coke, iron and steel operation supports slightly over 1% of southwestern Pennsylvania’s gross regional product.

Construction of the new endless slab caster will create employment for 800 building and construction trade workers.

Representative Mike Turzai
Speaker of the House
28th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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