Oct. 04, 2018

PITTSBURGH – Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) announced a Community Conservation Partnership Program (CCPP) grant has been awarded for the North Park Pool.

“The North Park Pool is an important gathering place for people throughout the community,” Turzai said. “This grant will allow us to continue to focus on the quality of life for families in the northern part of Allegheny County. This grant to improve the pool is in keeping with the original vision of North Park to make sure that families throughout our region have access to vital amenities like those at the park. It is also worthwhile to maintain the historical heritage, including this gem of a park encompassing over 3,000 acres used for recreation and exercise.”

Turzai secured the $150,000 CCPP grant to complete upgrades, including new family-oriented changing rooms, shade structures throughout the pool area, a new chain-linked security fence without barbed wire, ADA accessible improvements to the pool and bathhouse, and replacement of the bleachers along the pool that have fallen into disrepair over time.

The CCPP grants are administered by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ (DCNR) Bureau of Recreation and Conservation. The bureau provides financial and technical assistance to local governments, river and trail organizations, land trusts, and other nonprofits for planning, acquisition, and development of park, recreation, conservation and greenway projects.

In 2017, Turzai’s office secured a $350,000 grant for many of the items noted above. Overall, Speaker Turzai has obtained over half a million dollars to renovate the pool in keeping with the original vision of the park and the pool dating back to 1931.

The North Park Pool opened on July 5, 1937. At that time, it was thought to be the largest pool in the United States. Not only does the pool carry historical significance, but it also continues to be a critical component to the quality of life in our community. That’s why Turzai, his office and park officials are working to ensure North Park Pool maintains the family-friendly atmosphere that has made it a staple in the community for 81 years.

Representative Mike Turzai
Speaker of the House
28th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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