Job Growth is a Top Priority
Job Growth is a Top Priority

Job creation must be a top priority of all political leaders – every single leader, including our president.

At his first joint address to Congress and the American people, President Donald Trump said, “We have a path to making America great again.”

Pennsylvania faces a daunting challenge of creating jobs and that is why we are working diligently to address this major concern.

To create private-sector jobs and have a vibrant economy, government needs to be a partner rather than a regulatory enemy; government needs to support those who create jobs, remove road blocks for growth and create incentives for success.

Thanks to the natural gas and the energy industry, Pennsylvania can again become a world manufacturing hub that creates family-sustaining jobs and meaningful careers. This is an exciting time to work together for a common goal.

Recently, I wrote an op-ed that was published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Click here to read it.
Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Must Stop

This week, a wave of crimes and threats swept across Pennsylvania targeting the Jewish community. In Philadelphia, more than 100 headstones were knocked over and damaged at a Jewish cemetery. Also, multiple Jewish Community Centers received bomb threats, fortunately all were hoaxes.

An attack on one religion is an attack on all religions. Hate-based crime is not Republican or Democrat but affects us all. My colleagues on both sides of the aisle will not tolerate these heinous acts.

Threats, vandalism or attacks on the Jewish communities across Pennsylvania need to stop now! Stand together against hate. If you see any instances of hate crimes, please contact police with information.
Fiscally Responsible Budget – We Need to Make Changes

My House Republicans and I believe we should be enticing people to live and work in Pennsylvania. We also need to focus our attention on education, senior citizens and social services. The House Republicans’ goal is to protect hard-working taxpayers through controlled spending.

How do we accomplish our goals? We need to rethink think state government to make it more efficient in meeting the needs of all Pennsylvanians.

Recently, I wrote an op-ed that discusses our state budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year. We need to make changes in the way we craft a fiscally responsible budget. We’re in a new era, and it’s time to act accordingly.

My article was published in Click here below to read it.
Free Veterans Assistance Available March 10

Our veterans deserve the very best care because they’ve earned it. I have taken the initiative to help those men and women who have defended our country so admirably.

My district office in McCandless is once again offering free veterans assistance. On March 10, a representative from the American Legion will be at my office to help veterans and their families.

Through this outreach, we are able to provide some direct links between our veterans and the services and programs available just for them.

An appointment must be made by calling 412-369-2230. Available times are 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., noon and 1 p.m.

Information can be found online at My district office is located at 125 Hillvue Lane, first floor, in McCandless.
Investing More in Our Local Roads

PennDOT announced this week that municipalities will receive nearly $466.2 million from liquid fuels revenue to invest in local roads, marking a 5 percent increase, or 20.9 million, over last year.

This funding will allow municipalities to help pay for expenses such as snow removal and road repaving. More than 60 percent of public roads in Pennsylvania are maintained by local governments. The formula for payments is based on a municipality’s population and miles of locally owned roads.

For the complete list of local payments, visit the “Municipal Liquid Fuels Program” page at under the “Doing Business” Local Government page.