Environmental Recycling Activity Report

Environmental Recycling Activity Report

August 8, 2018

Representative Mike Turzai 
125 Hillvue Lane
First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Dear Rep Turzai:

All of us at Iron City Workplace Services want to thank you for your environmentally conscious efforts.

Material Processed

3,600 Pounds Collected is equal to: 1.80 Tons Processed               

Which Translates Into  Financial Value 
 31        Trees Saved  $7,750.00
 12,600 Gallons of Water Saved  $56.70
 7,380   Kw of Energy Saved  $590.40
 108      Pounds of Pollutants Kept Atmosphere  $540.00
 9          Cubic Yards of Landfill Saved



Estimated figures, derived from official U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations, and actual prices from wholesale suppliers of paper, electric, water, and landfill companies.

• All shredding clients note: all material 100% destroyed before recycled.

Go Green! Take great pride in knowing your environmental efforts are leading the way and setting a great example. We appreciate our business relationship and look forward to our continued commitment in both information security and environmental protection.


Chelsey Fowler
Office Manager,
Document Management

Iron City Workplace Services