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Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Speaker Turzai Pleased with Governor’s Decision to Allow the Full State Budget to Become Law, Without a Signature - 3/23/2016
House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) expressed satisfaction with Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement Wednesday that he will allow the supplemental budget to close out Fiscal Year 2015-16 to become law without his signature. The bill, recently approved by the House and Senate, restores the governor’s previous line-item vetoes to more than $6 billion in basic education, agriculture and corrections funding. According to the Pennsylvania Constitution, any legislation not signed or vetoed by the governor, automatically becomes law within 10 days. The Speaker said he felt the decision to allow state money to flow to schools, universities and other important state programs represents a real victory for Pennsylvania taxpayers.
Speaker Turzai Comments Regarding Passage of Supplemental State Budget - 3/18/2016
House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) addressed members of the media Friday in the state capitol to discuss recent passage of a $6.05 billion supplement that would finalize the Commonwealth’s 2015-16 budget. The legislation is designed to keep Pennsylvania schools open and government functioning, without raising taxes. The Speaker specifically called on the governor to sign the package of legislation in order to restore state funding to a number of critical state and local programs as well as funding for the state related universities.
Rep. Turzai Comments on Governor’s Calls for Increased Taxation - 3/11/2016
House Republican lawmakers from the Pittsburgh area are questioning the rationale behind Gov. Tom Wolf’s demand for massive tax increases, including a call for a retroactive Personal Income Tax hike as part of his annual budget address. The group of legislators was joined by a number of small businessmen who stood in opposition to Gov. Wolf’s job-crushing proposals. House Republicans also called on Wolf to release education funds to prevent the closure of public schools in the state. Wolf cut $3 billion in basic education funding as part of his partial veto of the House-passed budget. The lawmakers said the governor should seek to close the budget deficit by reducing spending, instead of raising taxes.
Speaker Turzai Expresses Disappointment Following Governor’s Budget Address - 2/9/2016
House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) expressed his disappointment with Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address and spending proposal for fiscal year 2016-17, which was unveiled Tuesday before a joint session of the General Assembly. The governor’s budget would increase taxes on working Pennsylvanians and employers by $3.6 billion, increasing spending by 10 percent, and calls for $33.3 billion in total spending. To support his spending plan the governor has proposed 15 new tax increases, including a retroactive increase in the Personal Income Tax on Pennsylvania workers. Following the address, Speaker Turzai said the governor’s plan lacks vision and calls for significant increases in both spending and taxes without completing work on the current state budget, from which the governor cut $6.3 billion in spending.
Speaker Turzai Comments on Status of Budget Negotiation Process, Says the Governor Needs to Find the Votes for His Tax Increase Proposals - 12/16/2015
House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allgheny) Wednesday called for Governor Wolf to produce the votes to approve an additional billion dollars in taxes that would be necessary to fund the latest version of the state budget. The Speaker emerged from a day long negotiating session, with a message that House lawmakers are prepared to look at alternative stop gap funding measures if the Governor and his allies cannot produce the tax votes by Saturday.
Speaker Turzai Comments on House Approval of Historic Legislation Privatizing the Sale of Wine and Liquor in Pennsylvania - 6/30/2015
The Pennsylvania House approved historic legislation on Tuesday to shut down the state’s outmoded state liquor store system and replace it with more modern, privately owned wine and spirit retail system. House Bill 466 includes a series of reforms for beer, liquor and wine sales and would allow beer distributors to expand their businesses to sell liquor and wine as well as beer. Pennsylvania’s current liquor system was created more than 80 years ago, in 1933, following the repeal of Prohibition. House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allgheny) said this bill will bring real reforms to the Pennsylvania liquor sales system that was created more than 80 years ago following the repeal of Prohibition and expressed hope the governor would sign the Liquor privatization legislation into law.
Speaker Turzai Comments on House Passage of Pension Reform Legislation - 6/30/2015
The Pennsylvania House voted Tuesday in favor of public pension reform for the Commonwealth. Senate Bill 1 addresses the rapidly rising costs of the current pension system for public school and state employees without removing any benefits already earned by current employees or affecting the pension benefits of current retirees. The legislation would establish a hybrid defined contribution/cash balance plan for all future state and school employees. House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) said he feels the new system is similar to plans now standard in private industry and expressed hope the governor would sign the pension reform measure into law.
Speaker Turzai Joins with Legislative Leaders to Unveil Substantial Increases in Education Funding in the 2015-16 Budget Plan - 6/26/2015
Senate and House Republican leadership today unveiled the 2015-16 budget plan that adds considerable funding to education without adding to the tax burden of Pennsylvania families. The budget plan is on track to be presented to the governor before the end of the state’s fiscal year on June 30. The Senate and House Republican plan is a balanced budget that includes no new taxes or tax increases and $200 million in new money toward education. It also includes fundamental changes to the state’s pension and liquor systems. Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) said the governor needs to seriously consider this plan that will help move Pennsylvania into the 21st century.
Speaker Turzai Comments on Budget Negotiation Process - 6/23/2015
Budget negotiations are heating up in Harrisburg, as the constitutional deadline of July 30th approaches. Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) offered his opinion on the governor’s intransigence in negotiations surrounding Wolf’s massive two-year tax increase proposal which recently was unanimously rejected by the House. The Speaker also commented on Governor Wolf’s demand for levying a natural gas severance tax that would be among the highest in the nation. He said the governor’s tax agenda will kill the opportunity for Pennsylvania to see any additional jobs or economic growth from the gas industry.
Speaker Turzai Joins Local Leaders in Push for Philadelphia Energy Hub - 6/11/2015
Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) hosted an energy roundtable Thursday at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex that focused on building Philadelphia into a global energy hub. The Speaker was joined by members of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry and volunteer veterans from Vets4Energy; as well as members of organized labor, state and local business leaders, and more than 20 members of the General Assembly; to discuss how the natural gas industry has helped create economic opportunities in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Speaker said he shared the concerns of local leaders that Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed severance tax could stop the strong economic and job growth based on the production and processing of Marcellus Shale gas dead in its tracks.